Ehsan Sharifi

Ehsan Sharifi

PhD Candidate

+98 (21) 64 54 27 44

Nationality: Iranian
Date of Birth: 1980-1-28
Marital Status: Married

PhD Student in Software Engineering, (2015-present)

  • Computer Engineering and Information Technology Faculty, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Ehsan Sharifi

Ph.D. Research Project

Semantic Traceability of Quality Attributes based on Architectural Tactics


Tracing quality attributes is the most important control approach that allows monitoring these features at all phases of the software development life cycle. But, establishing traceability links for quality attributes is a challenging issue, because they have a wide impact on the system and are realized by different architectural views at different levels of abstraction. Architectural patterns and tactics are commonly used to realize the quality attributes. In this research, we intend to introduce a new traceability solution by introducing the “Microtactic” concept and creating a semantic model of the project source code, enabling automatic traceability and monitoring of quality attributes.

  • Software Engineering (Requirements Traceability, Software Quality, Software Architecture)
  • Knowledge Engineering (Knowledge Representation, Ontology Engineering)
  • Web Intelligence (Semantic Web, Semantic Web Service, Web Mining)
  • Computer Network (Design, Security, Management)